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OKLAHOMA – You will start seeing Oklahoma’s new license plates on the road soon.

State officials unveiled Oklahoma’s new license plate design last August.

The new license plate features the outline of the state bird – a scissor-tailed flycatcher – on a blue background.

The new plates prominently display the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation’s website,

This year, every motorist will pay $5 for the newly designed plate when they go to register their vehicle or renew their tag.

The new plates cost the state about $2.05 to produce, the Associated Press reports.

Most of the additional revenue will go into a newly created State Public Safety Fund that will be available for the Legislature to spend to “support public safety” in the state.

In addition to the $18.5 million generated by issuing the new tags, tax officials predict an additional $4 million from an increase in compliance.

The new design was selected by the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

State officials said Oklahoma’s previous plates – which were more than seven years old – were past warranty and beginning to deteriorate, dulling the reflective sheeting on them and making them more difficult to see at night.