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OKLAHOMA CITY – One of the tornado’s smallest victims was remembered over the weekend. Many little girls dream of gliding gracefully across the ice. Four-year-old Karrina Vargyas was one of them, but her dream would never be realized.

She and her 7-month-old sister, Sydnee, died in the May 20th Moore tornado.

“We took her to Disney princess on ice at the state fair one year. She loved Disney princesses and when she seen them ice skating, that was all she wrote. So she started doing twirls and stuff like that around the house,” said her dad, Phillip Vargyas.

Vargyas was a guest of honor Saturday night at an ice show put on by the Oklahoma City Figure Skating Club, benefiting Restore Moore: Project Teachers.

“We saw that a little girl had passed away because of the tornado and we saw that she wanted to be a figure skater, so that attracted us,” said the production manager, Barbara Higgs.

Many of the performers identified with the wish of the young tornado victim.

“I was that little girl not too long ago that took her first steps on the ice and loved it since then,” said performer and Olympic hopeful, Ashley Cain.

“I still actually was able to recover some of the pictures from the night she went to the Disney princess on ice. Her face was just captivated by what was going on. So she would’ve absolutely loved it here,” said Vargyas.

Vargyas says events like the ice show help in the healing process for his family.

He and his wife are looking into creating a memorial scholarship fund in Karrina’s name for little girls who want to ice skate, but whose families can’t afford lessons.

“Because that was kind of our situation with our 4 year old, unfortunately, so we’re trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again pretty much,” said Vargyas.

So even though Karrina didn’t get to twirl in skates, she may one day pave the way for other little girls to do just that.

The Oklahoma City Figure Skating Club was hoping to raise between $4,000 and $5,000 Saturday night.

The Oklahoma City figure skating club performed their show ice storm as part of a benefit, after hearing about little 4-year-old Karrina Vargyas, who lost her life in the tornado.

Karrina wanted to take figure skating lessons after going to see a Disney On Ice show at the State Fairgrounds.

Her family members were guests of honor at the Saturday night performance.

Proceeds will go to Restore Moore: Project Teacher.

Karrina’s dad said she would’ve loved the show.

No word yet on the grand total but an officials with the figure skating club said they were hoping to raise $4,000 to $5,000.