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OKLAHOMA CITY – News 4 ran into a disbarred attorney trying to practice law in Oklahoma County Friday morning.

In Alex Bednar’s disciplinary trial, the trial panel held he’s unfit to be an attorney.

Then on Tuesday, the Supreme Court disbarred him, but that didn’t stop him from showing up to court.

In a scathing opinion, the Oklahoma Supreme Court said Bednar tried to justify some of the “most egregious behaviors the court has encountered” and found that he violated over and over the rules of professional conduct attorneys must follow.

Disbarred, he still tried to represent a client in Judge Tim Henderson’s courtroom Friday morning.

“Judge Henderson set a hearing for 10:00 this morning. I filed motions early in the week,” Bednar said.

That hearing never happened.

Bednar got into an argument with a prosecutor behind closed doors, then told us he wanted Judge Henderson off the case.

“Last week I asked him to recuse because I filed a federal lawsuit against him. He has systematically, knowingly and willfully abused his office to prevent me as a human being, me as a party, access to the courts,” Bednar said.

One of the violations for disbarment in the Supreme Court’s opinion is for filing frivolous lawsuits against judges.

Allegations of fraud and deceit pour through the Supreme Court opinion, finding Bednar failed to competently represent his clients, harming numerous people, and costing them money.Bednar still denies all of it.

“It’s very disturbing, some of the things that happened to me, in that trial and what led up to it,” Bednar said.

Bednar says he’ll be back in court Wednesday with his client, who is 10 days away from jury trial.

The judge told News 4 Bednar will not be practicing in his courtroom.

As part of his disbarment, the Supreme Court also ordered him to pay more than $20,000 to cover his court proceedings.

The court clerk at the Supreme Court told News 4 Bednar has 20 days to file a petition for rehearing.

Bednar says he plans to do that.