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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) –Organizers behind the push to legalize recreational marijuana have withdrawn their initiative petition.

The proposed ballot measure, which was labeled as State Question 806, would have allowed for the personal use of marijuana by adults.

Under the proposed ballot title, the measure “would generally legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for persons aged 21+ under state law. Specifically, it protects the personal use of marijuana for those 21+, while establishing quantity limits, safety standards, and other restrictions. It maintains prohibitions on impaired driving and distribution to, or use by, those under 21. It would not affect employers’ ability to restrict marijuana use by employees. Property owners generally may restrict marijuana on their property.”

The ballot title stated that the Oklahoma Marijuana Authority would be in charge of licensing and regulating marijuana-related conduct. It would also impose a 15% excise tax on sales to fund the authority, localities where sales occur, schools, and drug-addiction treatment programs.  However, organizers say medical marijuana would have been exempt from the new tax.

One week after the initiative petition was filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office, the measure is dead.

According to online records, the proponents of the measure withdrew State Question 806 on Dec. 23.

At this point, it is unclear if they plan to rework the bill and refile it at a later date.