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STILLWATER, Okla — School spirit runs orange in Stillwater; The people, the fountains, and now, the water flowing through the pipes at OSU.

Student, Christian Sigler said, “That has nothing to do with school spirit. That’s just gross water.”

The University has been flooded with inquiries and concerns about the rusty water color.

The problem first surfaced when students returned to campus in mid August. It became alarming enough to warrant an investigation by DEQ and the OSU utilities and energy department.

OSU Official, James Rosner said, “We are working with the Department of Environmental Quality to test the water and make sure we are in compliance.”

Lake Carl Blackwell is the water source for OSU. The recent rains stirred up the water, causing unusually high levels of Manganese.

School officials say it may look bad but is not harmful to students and faculty.

Rosner said, “It’s a discoloration issue, not bacteria or a health issue. Right now you don’t need to be overly concerned when you look at it.”

Students are being encouraged to use the fountains around campus that have carbon filters to remove most of the “organic rust.”

And the University is taking daily water samples to ensure the safety of all Oklahoma State students, staff and visitors.

Student, Michael Johnson told us,”Nothing is wrong. I think people are just freaking out.”

On Monday, Oklahoma State University announced that it is taking action against the discolored water.

Officials say they are providing bottled water for those living in the residential halls and will only be serving bottled drinks at all the dining halls.

Also, additional water filtration is being installed at dining services and select laundries on campus.

Shower head filtration units are also being ordered and should be installed this week.