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STILLWATER, Okla.- After a sports magazine accused Oklahoma State of numerous NCAA violations, OSU team leaders are now responding to the allegations.

Sports Illustrated is scheduled to release a series that alleges the university committed multiple NCAA violations, including paying players for performance and even changing an athlete’s grade.

Sports Illustrated’s investigative report “The Dirty Game” is set to launch Tuesday, September 10, at 8 a.m. CT.

SI will examine the rapid ascent of the OSU football program in a five-part series set to be released tomorrow morning across all SI’s platforms.

The incidents were said to take place between 2001 and 2007.

OSU athletic director Mike Holder and head coach Mike Gundy spoke about the accusations.

Here are Holder’s comments:

The day after these comments from Mike Holder, September 10th, Holder issued this statement:
“In Monday’s news conference, I apologized to our fans and mentioned phone calls I had made to other Big 12 athletic directors prior to the release of the first article from Sports Illustrated. To clarify, my apology was in regards to the negative publicity that was coming our way. My apology was in no way an admission of wrongdoing by OSU Athletics.”

– OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder

Gundy said the university was looking forward to getting the information and being able to tell their side of the story.

However, his comments were brief since he wanted to keep the focus on the current football team.

Holder spoke highly of the article’s writers after meeting with them last week when they informed the university about the series.

During the news conference, Holder said the NCAA has been notified by the university and they have been assigned an investigator.

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Former Cowboys took to twitter to express their disbelief in the magazine’s allegations.

Markelle Martin says “”I’m saying from 2008-2012 i never saw, heard or became a part of anything illegal. He treated us all like his kids, sons.

Ugo Chinasa called Oklahoma State, “too stingy to pay anybody anything”

Roger Bombach says “Wow. Some of the info i hear about this SI article is obnoxious. Trying to burn good people down.”

Paul Duren played linebacker four seasons for the cowboys under Coach Les Miles. He was interviewed today at the KFOR studios with Linda Cavanaugh.

He was asked if he ever notice any misconduct while being on the team. He says he never saw any misconduct and was truly shocked by the allegations.

Duren says he talked with at least 11 other players and that they were all very surprised by the allegations brought on my Sports Illustrated magazine.

He went on to say that he thinks SI’s sources are not that good.

Duren said the Orange Pride was not involved in misconduct during his time at OSU.

In a Skype interview, former defensive player Richetti Jones stands up for the university’s hostess group, Orange Pride, and talks about how he questions Sports Illustrated’s sources.

University officials won’t talk in detail about the article until it’s released tomorrow.

Sports Illustrated told the university that the allegations do not involve current coaches and players.