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STILLWATER,Okla.- OSU students were attacked with racial slurs on a new phone app, “Unseen” that claims to keep you anonymous.

Now, Stillwater police say the people hiding behind their social media could face felony charges.

Most people who use anonymous apps on their phone don’t realize the tracking capabilities investigators have within reach.

It means, the people posting hateful, racial slurs against an OSU African American Sorority this week, could face serious consequences.

The picture was snapped with the app, Unseen. It’s members of the OSU Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Wednesday near the student union.

The historically black sorority was hosting an event to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

“We didn’t even know a picture had been taken of our organization, we had no idea,” Braelyn Johnson, a junior at OSU says.

The initial picture was posted by someone who wanted to know what the event was, but those commenting, had different intentions.

“The fact that one of our student body members would post a picture not in a negative way, but people have the audacity to say the things that were said,” Johnson said.

In the picture, Johnson was standing third from the left, she says people are using the app as an attack on her race.

“They called us porch monkies and gorillas out of the zoo and coons and just racial slurs that I wouldn’t even imagine people calling me,” Johnson said.

A company YouTube video boasts “Unseen’s” ability to take a picture and share it with everyone, anonymously, but police say not so fast.

“There really is no anonymous app so to speak,” Stillwater Sgt. Jeff Watts said.

If found, the people making racial comments could face the law.

“The state statutes say that under the computer crimes act says that if you use a computer to harass, annoy or intimidate someone it is a violation of the computer crimes act,” Sgt. Watts says.

This OSU junior is just in shock , wondering why anyone would hide behind their phone to incite such hateful speech.

“The cure for ignorance isn’t just to walk around and just have your negative opinions about stuff why don’t you just ask and try to be informed about what we do,” Johnson said.

There is a complaint that has been filed with the OSU office of student conduct. They told students they are launching and investigation.