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STILLWATER, Okla. – A social media post made by an Oklahoma State University student has some outraged.

In the picture, there are four women in front of an OSU banner – two with their faces painted black.

The caption reads: “Celebrating our first MLK day off of school.”

The women are all smiles, but some of their fellow classmates are anything but.

“So, you are not celebrating anything. You are not doing it for a positive response. You are doing it for a negative response,” said Torrie Eddens.

She was appalled an Oklahoma State student was behind the picture.

“We are supposed to be of diversity, and we are all supposed to be one. We are all supposed to be Cowboys, and you are doing something that divides us and it’s like why?” she said.

It’s a question other students are also asking.

Some feel there are multiple answers.

“I think it’s just inflammatory, to get people’s attention. I don’t think it’s pure racism. I think it’s just trying to get a reaction out of people,” said Parker Upton.

Other students, like Zeke Jackson, don’t see a problem.

“I’m black, and I’m white and I’m part Native American. They are not doing anything offensive. I don’t really mind it,” Jackson said.

The post was online for a little more than a day.

OSU officials said:

“We have identified the students in the post. It was not appropriate. We have contacted them and asked them to take down the post. We will meet with the students to talk about the ramifications and take disciplinary actions if necessary,” said Gary Shutt, Director of Communications.

OSU officials have not said for certain if its students will face any punishment.