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WASHINGTON, Okla. – An Oklahoma family lost their barn and animals to a vicious fire this week in the town of Washington.

The family member we talked with is the coach for the OU Equestrian Team.

Since this tragedy, folks in and out-of-state have come together for support.

It was early Wednesday morning when the family that owns this farm was awakened by the Sheriff’s Department, their barn was on fire, horses trapped inside.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. This is like every horse owners worst nightmare,” said Amanda Eggleston.

Amanda Eggleston lost three of her show horses, Loverboy, Abigail and Jimmy, all of them once used for the OU Equestrian Team.

“I kept telling them over and over again, no, there’s three in there, you got to get them out and they were just like it’s too late, there’s nothing we can do for them,” said Eggleston.

Crews believe this was an electrical fire and say the horses died from smoke inhalation, which is a sense of relief for Eggleston.

“There was no sign of struggle in the stalls, it looks like they just laid down and went to sleep so that helped us out a little,” said Eggleston.

Now she is focusing on finding the strength to move forward, thankfully having the support of friends and family and even strangers.

“It has been extremely overwhelming with everybody’s support and kindness. As soon as people started hearing, I was like flooded with calls and Facebook messages, text messages,” said Eggleston.

Now the family is making plans for the future.

“We’re adding sprinklers, smoke detectors, we’re going to have an alarm system so if smoke goes off, we hear it in the house so we can be better prepared so this tragedy doesn’t happen again,” said Eggleston.

The family said that each one of the horses that died in the fire is worth $50,000.

A friend of the family has set up an online donation site. Click here to visit their GoFundMe page.


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