BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) – After a long wait is finally over, college football is finally back in Oklahoma.

The OSU Cowboys won their season opener Thursday night, and the OU Sooners kick off their season Saturday, but two longtime friends are already looking forward to the annual Bedlam matchup, after a big bet ended with a change to one man’s preseason ritual.

Sooner fan Owen Pickard typically celebrates the beginning of football season by painting his backyard with the replica of OU’s football field.

Crimson and cream are typically the colors you would see; however, a 2019 bet on the Bedlam Series (the name given to the Oklahoma–Oklahoma State rivalry), with his longtime friend Marty Summers, change the look of the field this year.

Owen Pickard’s backyard is typically painted crimson and cream for University of Oklahoma, but he painted the field orange and black this year after he lost a bet against his friend and longtime OSU fan

“I said, listen, I give the Cowboys five games, five seasons. If they beat you between 2019 and on one time in those five years, I will paint it orange,” said Owen who met Marty more than a decade ago at the Oklahoma Opry.

“Kind of a cocky thing to do, I guess you could say.”

OU Fan Owen Pickard pictured Friday with OSU Fan and friend Marty Summers

After the Cowboys edged out a series win in 2021, Owen kept his promise, and the field is sporting orange and black to mimic Oklahoma State’s football field before the 2022 season, instead.

“Lost a bet…had to trade the Crimson and Cream for Orange and Black,” Owen tweeted earlier this week.

“You work with them; you go to school with them. But ultimately, you can let your buddy paint your backyard orange. At the end of the day, guys, you lost a doggone bet,” Owen lamented playfully to KFOR Friday.

Marty, being the good friend that he is, helped Owen paint the field in his team’s favorite colors ahead of OSU’s home opener Thursday against the Central Michigan Chippewas.

“We made stencils in the end zones [and] a little bit of time, a little bit of sweat and blood, and it worked out,” said Owen.

Marty repainting the field in OSU orange Friday

“Marty always said this was the worst bet he’d ever won because we put him to work,” he added.

“I’m an OSU fan,” said Marty. “My dad went to school there. My wife and I both graduated there. We love everything about Stillwater and Oklahoma State.”

“[When] I [first] found out he was an OSU fan, and I almost reconsidered our friendship,” joked Owen.

OSU won that game, 58 to 44.

“It looks a lot better now,” joked Marty.

“But it’s never going to look like this again,” countered Owen.

While OU’s and OSU’s next meeting is still several weeks away, Owen said he may be ready to paint that field again in the next few months.

“We might have to paint this sometime in January because we’ll be playing in the national championship game. Don’t you think so, Marty?,” he said.

“Good luck,” said Marty.

Owen said he’s working to make the replica field look a little bit more like the Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium,

The Sooners regular season kicks off Saturday with a home game against the University of Texas at El Paso.

The next meeting of the Bedlam series is on November 19, in Norman.