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NORMAN, Okla. – The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the University of Oklahoma was kicked off campus for their racially fueled video, but students in the Greek community not associated with SAE say that isn’t stopping people from making threats towards them, even assaulting them, identifying  them by the Greek letters on their clothing.

One student, who did not want his identity revealed, says people are terrified.

The student, who we will call Bob, says he is the only African-American in an all white fraternity, which is not associated with SAE.

Although many fraternities have received threats after the racist video surfaced, Bob says those threats won’t stop him from wearing his Greek letters.

“I’ll proudly wear my letters just to show people that I’m in a fraternity that’s full of white people and I’ve had nothing but respect for them and they’ve had nothing but respect for me,” he said.

While Bob is not afraid to wear his letters, he says other members of the Greek community at OU feel differently.

That’s made very clear in a sorority group message.

According to the message, a sorority girl “was grabbed and spit on.”

The message goes on to say “No letters this week please Y’all it’s just safer.”

We obtained an email from a fraternity on campus saying the same thing.

“I would advise everyone not to wear letters.”

“Most fraternities and sororities want to lay low and let this blow over,” Bob said. “Honestly it’s giving all of the University of Oklahoma Greek life a bad name, because this is a nation wide thing and it’s not looking good for us at all.”


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