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NORMAN, Okla. – A metro woman is being called a guardian angel after saving a college student’s life.

“Sadly enough, you’re thinking about, ‘How am I going to tell my other child? How am I going to tell my parents?,” said Kim McDaniel, Cooper’s mother.

While in a gas station parking lot, McDaniel’s son, Cooper, went into cardiac arrest.

Leslie Hammons was walking by and noticed something was wrong.

Cooper was hunched over in his car and his door was partially open.

Hammons, who was recently trained in CPR, had some men help her pull Cooper out of his car. She then began chest compressions.

“Going through my head were my kids and Cooper’s parents,”  Hammons told KFOR. “I was basically yelling at him and I was saying, ‘Come on, buddy, you’ve got to live. Come on! Come on! Your parents need you.’”

Cooper was taken to the hospital where he remained in a coma. Doctor’s discovered he had an undiagnosed heart defect.

Days later, Cooper finally woke up. His family says the doctor’s told them the CPR saved his life.

“It was like a really nice thing to do,” said Cooper. “I mean, I don’t think a lot of people would have done it and I was just blessed that she was nearby.”

His father says it was an act of God.

“The fact that he stopped there, the event happened, and Leslie had the wherewithal to get him and to get help to get him out,” said Brett McDaniel.

Kim McDaniel says Hammons is her son’s guardian angel.

“Leslie is a treasure. She’s a gem. She’s forever a part of our family. Every event we have, whether it’s Christmas, or a birthday, or a graduation, or grandkids, it’s because of her and her taking action and noticing Cooper.”