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NORMAN, Okla. – For nearly two hours at the University of Oklahoma, students, faculty and staff came together in protest.

“It only took 48 hours to get 400 people to say, yes, we will show up to support this, even for just little in intervals between class. Some people even skipping class to say they are not going to be complacent,” said student Caleb Ferris.

In the crowd, a sea of signs carried the same message: opposition for President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending refugees and banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

It’s action OU President David Boren calls “un-American.”

“We are all Americans, and we are not going to be divided,” Boren said.

It’s a message Boren said is fundamental: being different is what unites us.

“You don’t learn if you stay only with people like yourselves. We learn from each other and, as we learn from each other, we build bonds of friendship that will preserve the peace and stability of the world,” Boren said.

But, not everyone at Monday’s protest was on the same side.

One man chanted “Build a wall, deport them all.”

Trump signed the executive order on Friday, and many Americans and members of congress said they stand by the president’s decision.

Boren said OU has more than 130 students who are immediately impacted by the travel ban.