OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The University of Oklahoma is on high alert after a second victim has alleged a sexual assault overnight on the campus. This latest assault happened Saturday morning on OU’s Oklahoma City campus on Everett Drive. This just days after the first incident Thursday near OU’s football stadium. 

OU Police said they’re looking for the suspect in this latest assault. It happened just after midnight on OU’s campus in Oklahoma City. 

OU Police wouldn’t get into deals about what happened during the assault but said they have a description of a suspect. He’s a Hispanic man, approximately 5’8, stocky build, short straight hair on the top of his head and a “buzz cut” on the sides with a short and or stubble beard.   

The alleged suspect was last seen wearing a solid gray hoodie, jeans and work boots.   

Police also said he allegedly left in a White Chevy Silverado single cab.  

This puts students on high alert after a reported sexual assault on the main campus two days ago. 

Students in Norman reacting to now, not one, but two victims allegedly sexually assaulted.  

“It’s actually very surprising… I would say I feel safe,” said Lanston Strong, OU sophomore. 

Lanston Strong lives close to where Thursday’s assault took place.  

“I’ve definitely heard stories of it happening before, but never like this close to where I live,” said Strong.  

His friend, Chris Lower, lives on campus at the dorms and told KFOR he feels the police do a good job keeping students safe.  

“I like all the safety measures they have. With, like the locks on doors and stuff, like you can’t get unless you have access,” said Chris Lower, OU Freshman. 

He also said he is taking a mandatory training class OU makes students take in order to graduate.  

“The training is more like identifying, and helping others that you might notice be victims or like, could possibly be victims. So, it’s kind of like eye opening about situations and just real world stuff,” said Lower. 

No further details have been released, but OU Police say the investigations are ongoing and anyone with information can contact the OU Police Department at (405)271-4911.

As a reminder. OU Police say if anyone has experienced relationship violence or abuse, sexual assault, or stalking on campus, an OU Advocate is available to provide free confidential support and advocacy at (405)615-0013.

We reached out to OU Police, Norman Police and the director at OU for the department of safety for a comment, but we are still waiting to hear back.