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BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – AP Biology students at Bethany High School are working on an experiment that will literally be out of this world.

News 4 recently told you about this special class when they sent off their proposal to NASA for an experiment that can be conducted in space.

They decided their test subject should be mosquitoes.

Why, you ask?

“They’re small, the test tube they’re sending up is their whole lab space, so they needed something that could fit in that,” STEM coordinator, Andrea Stewart said.

The goal is to find if those pesky insects grow differently when hatching in orbit.

“Our project is studying how those characteristics are affected by microgravity,” said sophomore student, Ben Brody.

After putting together the perfect proposal, they got good news.

NASA is inviting them to Florida this summer to watch their experiment launch into space. Their families were shocked.

“Being able to say we helped design an experiment that’s being conducted in space, that’s not something everyone can say,” said student, Andrew Ratterman.

And if you’re worried about mutant space bugs coming back down…

“They need to be dead upon arrival so they’re not exposed to gravity once they return to earth,” teacher Amie Sellers told News 4.

The class just got 1,000 mosquito eggs to put to the test, making sure everything is ready for the opportunity of a lifetime.

“For them to be involved with the program with NASA to design an experiment, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Principal Mark Melton said.

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