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OKLAHOMA CITY – In our ‘What’s Right with Our Schools’ report, one Oklahoma City high school gets some special recognition no other school in our state can claim.

Inside Classen SAS at Northeast High School, you can hear beautiful piano. It’s a passion for the school’s students.

“The program at Classen is so amazing because it gives each student an amazing opportunity,” said Daniel Coronado, a student. “Music benefits me personally because it’s a form of expression for me.”

The students are taught by teacher Marye Cory.

“I’m very proud of my students,” Cory said. “My students have become doctors, they’ve become pianists, they’ve become teachers, they’ve become lawyers.”

And they have recently been recognized with an incredible distinction for their commitment to excellence in music education.

“We will be the only high school in the state of Oklahoma that has Steinway select designation,” said Ginger Casper. “In the world of piano this is as high as you can go. Many colleges would love to have this designation but they simply don’t have the support.”

A Steinway is like the Rolls-Royce of pianos.

“We have a really great piano program, and I’m happy to see us getting these Steinways and watching it prosper like this,” said Josh Fudge.

Now, they have a goal – get funds to buy a Steinway concert piano so their talented students have the opportunity to play on a world class instrument.

“Research is clear that students who engage in fine arts program early on end up on a trajectory for a well-rounded experience,” Principal Scott McAdoo said.

Our sponsor of what’s right with our schools, Just Kids Pediatrics, is proud to recognize Classen SAS at Northeast High School for their dedication in music education.

“Just Kid’s Pediatrics is proud to present you with this check for $600. Congratulations on your outstanding music program and your Steinway Select Designation,” Amy McClendon with Just Kids Pediatrics said as she presented the contribution.

Amazing music is complimented by outstanding recognition.

“Absolutely outstanding; such an honor for this school, Classen SAS, and our state. Music is so important,” McClendon said.

Classen SAS at Northeast High School, another great example of what’s right with our schools.

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