Perkins-Tryon making ‘smart tees’ is ‘What’s Right with Our Schools’

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PERKINS, Okla. -- We all know there are many good things happening at our schools. NewsChannel 4 shows us a creative way one school is using to inspire students to learn.

We were at Perkins-Tryon Intermediate School in Perkins, Oklahoma.

Inside this school there are some real 'smartees' as in smart students wearing smart tee shirts.

At this school, Principal Donna Boles has a special way to encourage students. She creates a tee shirt design with an educational theme on it. She then gives each student a tee shirt to wear to school.

They also get awards, in this case, little fishies, that Boles and her team help iron on to all of the tee-shirts when the students achieve certain goals.

“They get them for subject, attendance…” Boles explains.

The tee shirts are given to the students for free but the school raises donations to cover the cost of buying and making them. And it`s safe to say students love the smart - tees.

Teachers like Cindy Wilke say they know it`s improving grades and attitudes.

Our sponsor of “What`s Right With our Schools,” Randall Reed Ford recognizes the success of this positive project.

Anthony Cooper, General Manager for Randall Reed Ford says, “[It’s] encouraging students to learn with an inspiring message.

It’s another great example of what`s right with our schools.

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