MINCO, Okla. (KFOR) – The learning doesn’t stop at Minco Elementary after the final school bell.

There’s an after school program called Minds In Motion, which encourages students to learn STEM and STEAM skills.

“It’s fun,” one student told KFOR.

“I like driving the robots around and programming them,” said another.

In one classroom, Ken Bodley says there’s a lot of activity going on.

“VERY engaged. The kids are very engaged, and to be honest with you, I teach all day with science, I do the lectures, which is great, but this is the fun part,” said Bodley.

And just down the hall, moms and their daughters team up and learn important skills like coding for robots.

“Well, it’s cool that you can like, make him walk, and then he makes his own directions,” second-grader, Ellie explained.

Instructor Kacy Rice, a Minco Schools graduate herself, is helping prepare young minds for a fantastic future.

“We want to expose our girls to that, especially. There’s such a shortage of STEM jobs out there for women… They’re out there, we just need to get ‘em in them. Basically, build their confidence up so they know they can do those things too,” Rice said.

Our sponsor of What’s Right With Our Schools, Just Kids Pediatrics salutes Minco Elementary for their amazing work.

“Getting these kids and this big group of girls involved in science, technology, engineering and math, my mind is blown. If I had something like this at this age, just imagine.”

Putting their brainpower to work at Minco Elementary… another great example of What’s Right With Our Schools.

What’s Right with Our Schools is sponsored by Just Kids Pediatrics.

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