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WEWOKA, Okla. (KFOR) – Sometimes it’s the little things in our lives that make a world of a difference, and in one Oklahoma school district, they found a need they could help fill for their students to give them a positive boost.

News 4 recently told you about Wewoka Public Schools.

They’ve had a food pantry for a while and also started bringing in hygiene products like soaps and toothpaste.

“The truth is until you meet their basic needs, their test scores won’t improve,” Wewoka Public Schools Superintendent, Shellie Gammill told KFOR.

The school also added two washers and dryers.

They installed them so students who don’t have access to laundry facilities can clean their clothes – and do so discreetly.

“If they wanna come to us about clothes and showers, then we don’t tell anybody. That’s their business,” Makayla Velasquez, a recent Wewoka graduate said.

After our original story aired last month, Superintendent Gammill says she’s noticed some changes for the better.

“It helps their self-esteem. We’ve had kids tell us that they wouldn’t come to school because their clothes were dirty and they were embarrassed…It’s been very positive,” said Gammill. “Our lower elementary, they will go tell our teacher if they need food or an item because they trust their teacher.  The older kids, we have a young lady that is just a couple years older than them and so they know her and will approach her when they need help.”

They’ve been getting support from across the country, saying people on the east coast have donated, even as far as Alaska.

Our sponsor of What’s Right with Our Schools, Just Kids Pediatrics is proud to recognize Wewoka Public Schools for helping students meet their basic needs.

“Anytime that somebody puts forth all this effort, it can really impact and change a child’s life,” said Lindsey Givens with Just Kids Pediatrics.

Caring for students and making life a little easier in Wewoka… A great example of What’s Right with Our Schools.

If you’d like to help Wewoka Public Schools, you can call 405-257-5475.

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