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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. –  Drivers along a busy interstate may need to take a detour because of an unusual accident.

Shortly after 1 p.m., witnesses reported seeing a truckload of honeybees turned over on I-35.

The accident occurred along southbound I-35 near exit 72.

While it seems like the roadway is mostly clear, drivers need to be cautious about the bees.

A Garvin County Sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene and became trapped inside his cruiser when bees swarmed his unit.

Deputy Carl Zink said he became stuck when bees covered all of the windows.

He was forced to wait until the bees cleared, so that he could safely drive away.

Other than receiving one sting, Zink was not injured.

“Millions, millions of bees. I couldn’t give you a number, but millions,” said Scott Woods, who pulled out the driver from the truck. “I got stung on the lip, on the end of the nose, mouth, the side of the eye and then the back.”

At the time, witnesses said they were running into bees about a half mile away from the accident.

“Oh, gosh, I’d even be afraid to guess – gillions and gillions,” said Steve Chronister from P&M Wrecker Service. “We’re going to go up here and see if we can get this truck rolled over and get this mess cleaned up.”

It took hours before beekeepers cleared the scene.

The truck driver was sent to local hospital with minor injuries and was later released.

Officials were informed that bees become more aggressive at night, so fire was lit as a safety precaution.

Bee keepers were able to save several hundred thousand bees.