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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. – A child was allegedly choked and left unconscious at school, and parents say they want the bullying to stop.

Shaina Netzel said her son was bullied and attacked by a student at Thomas Middle School.

“The boy came up behind him and got him in a headlock and squeezed until he passed out. And then he dropped him on the bathroom floor and he had a pretty good sized knot and bruise on his head and marks on his neck,” Netzel said.

Netzel’s 10-year-old son, Kaden, was left unconscious.

“The time that the principal informed me, he didn’t tell me that my son had been unconscious or anything. When we spoke the next day, he said he didn’t know until later when he got all of the facts from the other kids that were around and everything,” Netzel said.

Netzel said her son doesn’t even know the boy who attacked him, and this isn’t a first.

“It’s just a major problem. I’ve got two other kids coming up in this school and it just worries me to death. Somebody has got to do something about this before something bad really happens,” Amber Orr, another parent, said.

School official told NewsChannel 4 the boy who allegedly assaulted Netzel’s son was punished. They say they don’t tolerate bullying.

However, parents want to see more done.

“All of my son’s 10 years, I’ve taught him right from wrong and how you’re supposed to treat people with respect. I think they should get all the kids together and have some seminars on it or something,” Netzel said.

Netzel said her son is doing well.