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DAVIS, Okla. (KFOR) – With Falls Creek Church Camp wrapping up last week, some parents say kids are coming back with COVID-19

One parent, Terri Roach, spoke to KFOR about the decision not to go.

“I just had that gut feeling that it’s probably not a good idea to go,” she said.

Roach says she often goes as a sponsor, and has a 17-year-old daughter who had planned on going. 

However, after hearing about people coming back and testing positive for COVID, they reconsidered.

“At some point, you got to put your faith in God. Like just go and just trust, but also too you have to have some common ground too, common sense,” she said.

Roach also says her doctor told them to go at their own risk.

“My main concern for not going was not the fact that I thought I was going to contract it, my chances of contracting it is pretty much anywhere now these days, but I have to go back to work, and I don’t have time to be in quarantine for ten days or whatever it takes if I do contract it,” she said.

Her daughter, who’s involved in sports, also wanted to avoid getting sick.

“She was bummed at first, but she also felt like she made the right decision. I didn’t make it for her, she did,” she said.

Another parent, Tiffany Young, says she had slight concerns, but her daughter tested negative for the virus when she came back.

“I was a little concerned sending [my daughter], but with them mostly being outside and not in close contact I decided to let her go. Especially after everything has been opening back up. We are a huge sport family. My daughter is in middle school cheer, volleyball and our boys are both in football and baseball! I’m at ease knowing she tested negative and only 5 out of the 68 has tested positive all being asymptomatic. I personally sent masks with her to use just as caution,” she said.

She says there isn’t really a way to avoid exposure.

“I am sending my child to public school as I have no choice. So she will have the same exposure there and in sports. We are taking precautions after the exposure and are dealing with it as the CDC recommends,” she said.

The Oklahoma Baptist General Convention says in a statement: 

“We are in the final week of summer youth camp at Falls Creek, and we are grateful to have seen the Lord move in the hearts of thousands who attended camp. Like other organizations operating large events this summer, we adhere to strict protocols to protect the safety and health of our staff and campers.  We constantly review and revise our protocols as the situation warrants. As the summer has unfolded, many areas of the United States including Oklahoma have seen Covid-19 cases increase. Having hosted around 4,000 participants each week, the number of positive Covid cases remains statistically low. Even so, we take nothing for granted as the well-being of every camper and staff member is foremost. We treat the threat of Covid with the utmost seriousness.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adapt our plans as necessary during this last week of camp.”