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YUKON, Okla. – A social media storm started last week for the Overbay family after their 12-year-old son Rayden was a victim of bullying.

“It’s gotta stop, no matter what. Whether it’s my son somebody else’s son or daughter… it’s gotta stop,” said Rayden’s father Danny Overbay.

His parents say Rayden deals with many different challenges, like ADHD, ODD, ADD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“Our son is a high-functioning special needs child… just because we don’t label him as a special needs child, doesn’t mean that he’s not,” he said.

Two bullying incidents were caught on camera.

First, Thursday after school and again on Friday in the school bathroom.

The two videos went viral on social media.

Rayden’s mom says the two incidents are unrelated, they just so happen to be within 24-hours of each other.

“Because a couple of people or a few people decided to record it on video because they thought it was funny… is the only reason I am sitting in front of you today. Some of those kids claim to be my son’s friend, and that’s hard as a dad,” said Danny.

Sadly, Rayden’s parents say he’s been dealing with bullies his entire life.

“As you saw in the video, he’s always been bigger than everybody. I would witness kids when he was like 8 or 9 just walk up and punch him square in the stomach,” said Rayden’s mother, Scotlyn Overby.

Danny and Scotlyn are also worried about the other kids involved, and want everyone to stop and think.

They say the kids who punched Rayden are now receiving death threats.

“These are adults threatening children. Threatening harm to children, which is totally unacceptable. I shouldn’t have to sit here and say adults quit threatening 12 and possibly 13-year-old children,” said Scotlyn.

Danny and Scotlyn say they 100% forgive the students and want the harassment to stop.

“His mother and I forgive the babies for what they did, we forgive the kids for what they did. They made a mistake, they’re 12 they’re 13 they got a life to live” said Danny, “They made a huge mistake we forgive them as parents so please stop all the cyberbullying.”

Non-profit, ‘Fight for the Forgotten‘ is stepping in to back the Overbay family.

They are working with them to make sure Rayden is doing well and feeling supported.

“The purpose of today is not to cast blame on the school of Yukon. It’s not to cast shame at all on the students that were involved … it’s actually to rally support, support for Rayden,” said founder Justin Wren.

Wren’s message is to spread kindness.

“Just to surround them with love and encouragement and compassion and kindness is contagious,” he said.

The family and Wren wanted to personally thank all of the following:

  • Department of Human Services director, Justin Brown
  • DHS Chief of Staff, Samantha Galloway
  • Joy Turner, with the Oklahoma Disability Law Center
  • The Parent-Child Center of Tulsa
  • Brian Bobek, with the Oklahoma State Department of Education
  • State Reps. Collin Walke & Tammy West and Sen. Carri Hicks
  • Life Church
  • Amber and Matthew Mitchell at Church of the Servant
  • Yukon Public Schools
  • Officer Henderson & Yukon PD

If you would like to send any letters or support for the Overbay family, you can send it to the Fight for the Forgotten offices at 2525 NW 112th St. OKC, OK 73120.