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OKLAHOMA CITY—A local pastor accused of shooting his son-in-law is now being charged with murder.

According to court affidavits, 53–year-old Michael Scott Elder fired a weapon at 27-year-old Gary Davidson when he was trying to pull Elder’s daughter out of a moving pickup truck.

Davidson died of injuries he sustained from the shooting.

Elder is a pastor of the Cross Baptist Church in southwest Oklahoma City.

Legal analysts say he may be able to prove that Oklahoma’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws apply in this case.

Attorney Doug Friesen said, “So in this case, I think the key issue becomes was his daughter legitimately afraid for her life. If she was afraid for her life legitimately, then she would have a right to kill and shoot her husband.”

Friesen says Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” extends shooting rights to anyone trying to protect her.

Authorities say Elder and Davidson were in a dispute over the pickup truck the day before the crime.

However, police did not get involved when they determined it was a civil matter.