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OKLAHOMA – One of our ‘Pay it 4Ward’ recipients is in the hospital.

Wednesday, we introduced you to Trent Hickey.

For the past five years, he has been making Christmas happen for children across the metro.

He takes donated bikes, fixes them up and puts them under the tree.

This year, he is hoping to repair at least 100 bikes.

Now, the task may be more difficult.

Hickey’s family said he was riding his bike home Monday night when he was rear-ended by a car.

His leg and pelvis were broken.

“Could have been so much worse. You know, we could be mourning the loss of him. So, I’m thankful that it was just a broken bone,” said Josh McDaniel, his brother-in-law.

When Hickey gets out of the hospital, it is going to take a lot of rehabilitation to get back on his bike.

“I’ve just heard that it’s going to be two or three months before, I think, he can put some weight on it, on his leg, and so he’s going to be on crutches or maybe in a chair,” McDaniel said.

Despite his injuries, Hickey said he is not putting the brakes on getting bikes to kids this Christmas.

He will do the work he can, with the help of people who have already volunteered.

“The out pour from after the ‘Pay it 4Ward’ story, it was amazing,” McDaniel said. “We were really surprised on how many people care and how many people wanted to help and help all the kids in Oklahoma who need bikes.”

With donated bikes and parts pouring in, the work load is becoming larger while the time till Christmas grows smaller.

“We’re halfway there. So, we have about 100 more bikes that we need to work on, get them ready,” McDaniel said.

If you know how to fix bikes, the Hickey family would love to hear from you.

To donate your time or a bike, contact Don Hickey’s Used Cars and Trucks in Oklahoma City.