OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Shane Kuntz owns BCK Lawn Care, and the self-motivated young man stays busy. But he made time to clear an overgrown property his neighbors were concerned about.

“It’s overgrown. We’ve been walking past it with my dogs, it was up to here” says Mel Cowart who nominated Shane for Pay It Forward. “Does anybody know what we can do? And that’s when Chantelle piped in and started to kind of take control”

Chantelle Blanton says “we found somebody and Shane, before I could even reach out to him he reached out to me and so I thought that was pretty neat that he took the initiative, and he just took care of something that needed to be taken care of and he didn’t even expect payment. He was like you know I’ll just do it for free cause I know it needs to get done so that was really cool.”

That was cool when you are talking about a hot job free of charge.

Caitlin Melgar with First Fidelity Bank says “we were just so impressed by Shane’s willingness to step up and give back to the community. It just goes to show that no matter the age you can always give back so we would like to Pay it Forward and gift Shane with four hundred dollars today.”

So, it’s time to spring the surprise. “I’m Kent Ogle with Channel 4 and we have a program called Pay it Forward where we honor people who do awesome things. You have been nominated by Chantelle and by Mel and I’m going to let them tell you why.”

“Good morning! Surprise” says Mel. “We were just super impressed by your willingness to just step up and take care of something when nobody else could figure out what to do and I saw you do it and I thought it was really impressive.”

“Just your work ethic and your heart and it was just a really cool thing to have you come out here and take care of that for us and so we just wanted to show you a little recognition” says Chantelle while giving Shane $400 from First Fidelity. 

Shane says “I just want to first say like Jesus, I have a really a good relationship with that and so that helps me out a lot, gives me like purpose and then you know,  I love what I do and so just being able to help people out makes me happy.”

Amanda Jenson, Shane’s mom, says this about her son. “Shane is just a little fire cracker. He has so much energy and so much passion for helping other people and he has been like that since he was a little boy and it has just been such a joy to see him growing up to a young man and continuing on to doing all of this.”

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So, when it comes to taking care of others and Paying it Forward, Shane Kuntz of BCK lawncare knows how to cut it.

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