A special Oklahoma FFA chapter holds a special stock show

Pay It 4ward

WAUKOMIS, Okla. – “My little brother, he has down syndrome,” Waukomis FFA Chapter President Hannah Barton said.

Sometimes you come across kids who are wise beyond their years.

“This is my brother Brison,” Barton said. “Brison come up and say hi.”

It is not the obstacles you have in life, but it is how you overcome them.

“We continue to have it, because it was an amazing outcome and so heartwarming to see all those children get to do this that they never get a chance to be champions.”

And overcoming is what makes everyone a champion.

For the past two years, the Waukomis FFA Chapter has put together a stock show for special needs children.

“It means so much, because actually Brison and Hannah have been my neighbors for like ever,” Waukomis FFA Chapter Secretary Laney Wardrop said.

Brison, along with several other special needs students from across Garfield County, showed animals. Many of them got to experience the animals up close for the first time.

“It was really awesome to see Brison not only go out there with other kids with special needs but also getting to see the kids with special needs coming and meeting the animals for the first time,” Wardrop said. “Some of them had never seen a pig or  a goat or a sheep, and they get to go out there and touch them and see them and feel them and that’s just such a moment, because they realize ‘Oh, a goat is soft.’ or ‘A sheep is fuzzy.'”

Just as impressive, is that these teens realize how important the show is for special needs students, and that realization is what makes this even more special.

“That’s just such a great offer, a great thing that they have done,” Brandon Hunter with First Fidelity Bank said. “So on behalf of First Fidelity Bank to Pay It Forward with four hundred dollars.”

We follow the FFA officers to the ag room to surprise the rest of the chapter.

“We did a day like this so they could all come out here, and they can show with people on the same level as them, and they can all get the chance to be a winner every day,” Braden Heisler said.

Not only are the students who took part in it winners, but so are those who put it together, as well.

“Actually it has impacted my FFA students so much and myself just being able to see that,” Waukomis FFA advisor Amber Yandell said. “You hope that it’s going to turn out right and think you have everything planned and it all goes right that day and you just see the smiles on the kids’ faces, it just makes all the time and planning worth it.”

Helping each other navigate obstacles they may not otherwise have the opportunity to overcome.

“That’s a way for them to find their place if they want to do it,” Wardrop said.

The chapter has an upcoming FFA trip the $400 will help fund.

Pay It 4ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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