OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Inside historic Capitol Hill High School is a coach, a mentor, and an American hero; Jorge Robledo.

“Straight out of Capitol Hill, he decided to join the Marine Corps,“ says Mark Inesco, who nominated his former student Jorge. “This was 2002, 2003 when things were really getting hot over there. He went over there and did two tours. One in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and came home with two Purple Hearts.”

The soccer players love Coach Jorge.

“How much love he has for like his players. He has so much love for us, takes care of us,” says
Richard Solis.

And something special happened to Jorge while fighting for our country.

“While he was overseas, one of his captains called him in and asked him if he had thought about becoming a U.S. citizen and Jorge had said, ‘Yeah, I have thought of that. That’s something I want to do.’ And the captain pulled out a paper and said, ‘Sign this,’ and he signed it and he said, ‘You are a U.S citizen,’” Inesco said.

KFOR went to the high school to find Jorge

“Jorge, for all the things you’ve done. Serving as a Marine, serving our country, then coming back to our community serving at Jackson and now Capitol Hill High School, coaching these great students and then just being available to help anybody here in this building wherever you are needed. On behalf of First Fidelity Bank and News 4, you get the reward,” says Mark. 

Jorge says the job itself is reward enough.

“The joy of seeing them every day, that’s pretty much it,” says Jorge. “I’ve been here, I grew up here. It’s good to come back and give to the community. Watching them, I see myself in it as well. They know most of my stories. I tell them every day and they get tired of hearing me. It is just a joy to come back, be in the building and be a part of the community more than anything, so it’s just one of those things that is deep inside.”

Jorge Robledo, Paying it 4ward for his kids, his community and his country.