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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If you had a few extra hours of spare time each day, how would you spend it?
Donnie Wilson chooses to spend his free time in filthy alleys around the metro, cleaning up other people’s trash free of charge.

From trashy to tidy, Donnie posts his messy makeover pictures on Facebook, and his good deeds don’t go unnoticed.

“I just started paying attention to his Facebook, and he has so many posts where he’s cleaned up garbage in dumpster areas, behind buildings, alleyways, fence lines,” Melissa Shores said. “He’s got so many, at least every day, every other day, every two to three days, he has cleaned up some area.”

Donnie goes through countless trash bags, has made thousands of dumpster trips and has spent hundreds of hours scrubbing smelly streets. He spends about four hours on the streets every other day.

Cleaning up around his neighborhood near Northwest 39th Street is Donnie’s passion, which was brought on by the pandemic.

“The businesses were shut down and I just looked around and thought, ‘I can’t stand to look at this,'” Donnie said. “Yesterday, I made five trips to the dumpster, and I thought, ‘I’m not going to give up until it’s done.'”

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Donnie Wilson making the local area a prettier place.

From garbage to gardens, Donnie replaces all of that collected filth with flowers. He’s purchased, planted and watered several gardening containers that he’s placed outside businesses along 39th.

“I just love people and I’m proud of our city, and I think a lot of people do greater things than this. But I can do this to make a little bit of a difference,” Donnie said.

“I just think it’s amazing when people choose to do good deeds, not that they’re being made to do good deeds, he just chooses to,” Melissa said.

And that’s why Melissa surprised Donnie with a $400 Pay It 4Ward award from First Fidelity Bank.

“On behalf of First Fidelity Bank, News 4nand myself, we are all in agreeance that you deserve to be blessed for all of the trash cleanup that you choose to do almost daily, so I would like to present to you $400,” Melissa said as she handed over the cash.

“Oh my God, give me a hug. You’re too sweet!” Donnie said, hugging Melissa.

“You’re such a good Samaritan, Donnie, you really are,” Melissa said.

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Donnie all smiles.

What does Donnie plan to buy with the $400? More trash bags, of course.

“Well, I’m proud of our city and it’s the least I can do,” Donnie said smiling.