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Terry Smith, 78, was on his way to dinner in May when flood waters suddenly ravaged his car.

The vehicle was swirling like water down the drain when he grabbed his cell phone to call his daughter.

“He called me and he said ‘I need help’ and I was thinking let’s change a light bulb or something and he said ‘my car is floating away and filling up with water,”Stacey Weddington said.

Smith then quickly hung up can called 911.

But before firefighters could arrive, an unlikely pair of heroes emerged from the Chick-fil-A on May Ave.

Luis Torres and Jessica Gernandt were working the night shift and saw the crisis unfolding outside the restaurant.

“He [Luis] and I went and got him and we just walked him up here to the store,” Jessica said.

“I was just thinking that I needed to help him,” Luis said through a translator.

That’s why Stacey nominated the dynamic duo for Pay It 4Ward.


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