Daily Bread straight from the heart of this Oklahoma woman

Pay It 4ward

STILLWATER, Okla. – Linda Martin spends most of her weekdays volunteering at the Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center in Stillwater.

“That’s the way I was raised,” Linda says, “to give myself to help others.”

She helps sort the fresh from the old food the center purchases at a bargain price from grocery stores in the area.

Fellow volunteer Jim Steigler helps at the center with Linda and thought she was a paid employee when he first saw her work and how much she cares about the people Our Daily Bread serves.

“She said ‘what I really do, is try to do the best with the stuff that’s left over from the grocery stores,’” Jim said. “Basically, sorting thru and taking out the moldy stuff.”

Making sure the people who live below the poverty line and who rely on Our Daily Bread for their daily bread, get the best of what the center has to offer.

And the need is great.

“We anticipated serving about 550 households a month,” says Executive Director Becky Taylor, “and we are routinely serving over one thousand.”

Meanwhile Jim was so impressed with Linda’s devotion to helping others, he nominated her for Pay It Forward.

James Boggs with First Fidelity Bank gave Jim the 400 dollars in cash to present to Linda and said, “Jim they’re so many special things about Our Daily Bread. And everything that it does for Stillwater and Payne County, and it takes a lot of special people and none better than Linda. So, on behalf of everyone at First Fidelity Bank, I’m proud to help you pay it forward.”

But this story is about more than the $400, there’s something else at work here…something much more powerful.

Earlier in the week Linda had car problems.

The cost to fix her car just happened to come to…$400.

“It’s a blessing, “Linda says. “It’s the grace of God. Oh my.”

Linda Martin, giving and receiving, paying it forward from the heart.

Pay It 4ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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