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ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – Slim Jim was in bad shape after being hit by a car when Amber French rescued him and paid for life-saving hip surgery.

Robyn and Penny were both scheduled to be euthanized at the Enid Animal Shelter when French stepped in and paid boarding at a local groomer until she could find adoptive homes for the dogs.

Hickory and Chase were also saved from euthanasia and adopted by loving families in Wisconsin, part of a partnership French forged with a non-profit organization called Lucky Mutts.

Benny was found injured in a field outside of town; his ear had been severed by a coyote. He is looking for a new home.

Amber French found homes for Slim Jim, Hickory, Chase and about 1,200 others over the years.

She is a true animal lover who’s passion has caught on in Garfield County.

“If my phone rings at 6:30 in the morning, it’s usually Amber,” said Jonie Ehrman, the owner of The Groom Closet. “If it’s ringing at 10 p.m. it’s usually Amber. There’s always a dog somewhere we’ve got to save.”

French started rescuing dogs in and around Enid back in 2012.

“She has the biggest heart in the world,” said Briana Smiley. “It’s crazy how she keeps going with this.”

Over the years, French has fostered and found forever homes for 1,200 dogs and cats.

“She is constantly working to save all the animals in town,” said Mindy Robinson. “If you lose a dog, she’s going to help you find it. If you need medical supplies, she’s going to help you get it.”

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Robinson nominated French for Pay It 4ward because of this selfless work she does as a part-time hobby.

French works full-time as a DHS caseworker. She has spent the past 20 years with child protective services.

“She has a wonderful spirit. We all know her passion, and we appreciate it,” said French’s DHS supervisor, Tina Frazer. “Dedicating her career for helping children and being there for foster families, but also she does have such a heart as well for animals.”

First Fidelity Bank is paying it forward to Amber French.

“I’m here because there’s a super nice lady named Amber in Enid who spends her time and resources rescuing dogs from the shelter,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Aubree Williams. “What’s not to love about a story like that? So, on behalf of First Fidelity Bank, I’m excited to present her with $400.”

News 4’s Ali Meyer brought the $400 prize to The Groom Closet in Enid where a dozen friends came out to celebrate their Amber French.

French is currently working to find homes for 20 dogs. It is an expensive, time-consuming goal.

“I couldn’t do it without everybody in this room,” said French. “I’m telling you, every one of these people have been my hero.”

French’s message is this: Adopt and consider opening your home to foster a pet.

“We definitely need more fosters in every community,” she said. “There’s so many unwanted animals, and they need somebody.”

The $400 hadn’t been in French’s palm for more than a minute, when she handed it over to Ehrman to pay for the 20 animals she is currently boarding at The Groom Closet.

Amber French also raises funds on her Facebook page, FOE – Friends of Enid Area (Animals).