El Reno woman brings Oklahoma Standard to her hometown

Pay It 4ward

EL RENO, Okla. – It is often that when some of us are at our lowest, the highest is brought out in others.

“She’s given back to the community for quite a few years,” Lynn Brice said.

And right now a lot of people are at their lowest.

El Reno was hit hard.

Some lost their homes, their belongings. Others lost their lives, but this is home to a close community, including Tamera.

She’s helped out less fortunate Oklahomans for years, and most recently found a new way to reach into the depths of poverty that many of us may not even realize is a need.

Now, it’s helping Tamara’s neighbors in her hometown – their lives turned upside down by Mother Nature.

That’s why Lynn nominated Tamera for Pay It Forward.

“Lynn we were so touched by your story about Tamara,” James Boggs of First Fidelity Bank said. “So on behalf of everyone at First Fidelity Bank I’m so honored to give you four hundred dollars to help you pay it forward.”

There’s always a backstory about why Oklahomans like Tamera do what they do. Tamera shared HER’S with News 4.

“We started out by serving people with just socks. When a homeless woman told me ‘I’m going to have to throw these in the trash’ that we realized that we need to come up with a solution for that. I asked her why she was going to throw them in the trash and it was because she didn’t have access to wash her clothes,” Tamara said.

It started in Oklahoma City, Del City, Norman and now El Reno.

“Some are right down the street, some are in hotels, we are just connecting,” Tamara said. “El Reno is a tight-knit community. I send it to the city office or the VFW and they help spread the word. This helps 40 families.”

All anyone has to do is fill out a form, and in return, they receive clean clothing.

“We give them the coins to go into machines, detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, bleach,” Tamara said.

Recipients wash their own clothes and often get a free meal while they wait.

“The barriers are people don’t have water, on the streets, low income, no income,” Tamara said. “If they do have money, they have to make a choice. Am I going to eat today, or am I going to wash my clothes?”

But with Laundry Love, they can now have both.

Pay It Forward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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