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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Jessica Sanders takes care of business in the Hobby Lobby corporate finance department.

“She carries a full desk of responsibilities here and she has a family but she always makes time to make us feel special. So thank you for allowing us to celebrate her. We really appreciate it,” says co-worker Sharon Thomas.

One of the reasons Jessica’s co-workers want to celebrate her is how she celebrates them, like decorating their workspaces on their special days.

“On our birthdays, she makes sure you celebrate full out and she does them individually. On the days that it snows, she’ll call and see if you feel safe driving to work. She’s just a wonderful person. On bosses’ day, she goes out, she buys presents for all our bosses, she gets a card and makes sure all of us adds our name to it,” says Sharon.

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Jessica Sanders

KFOR, along with First Fidelity, are now adding her name to our Pay It 4ward winners.

“It’s so exciting to read Jessica’s story, such a fun story and just what acts of kindness and generosity can do just for our co-workers and community around us and how much joy that can bring to others,” says First Fidelity’s Adam Kelley. “So, on behalf of First Fidelity Bank, it’s my honor to present Jessica with these $400 just as a way, hopefully, bring her a little joy just as she has brought to so many other people.”

Back at the Hobby Lobby finance building, we are on our way to Jessica’s office to surprise her.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a Jessica Sanders. My name is Kent Ogle, I work at Channel 4 and we have a program called Pay It Forward where people are honored for going above and beyond for their friends, family, or co-workers. And you have been nominated by Sharon to be our Pay It Forward recipient,” says Kent. “Tell her why you are doing this.”

“Jessica, you are the heart of our department,” says Sharon. “We love you; we appreciate all you do. On behalf of Channel 4 and Fidelity, we want to pay it forward to you.” 

“Way to go, “says Kent. “Hey, let’s hear a round of applause over here for Jessica!”

Jessica says, “Honestly, I’m speechless but thank you Channel 4 and thank you all. I love my team here at Hobby Lobby. I really do. They are my family.” 

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Sharon and Jessica.

And these birthday decorations prove how she feels about her Hobby Lobby work family.

“Like I said, I love my job and I love my family. They are all my family,” says Jessica. 

Sharon says, “We love you too.” 

“I spend most of my time here, aside from the time with my family. They are my second family, and they make my days happy,” says Jessica. 

“We surprised you,” say Kent.

“Yes!” says Jessica. “Absolutely the biggest surprise of my life.” 

Sharon adds, “She’s a wonderful person. She is like the angel of our department.”

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