GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) — At the McDonalds in Guthrie, there is much more than just a fast-food restaurant with a drive through.

There is a window into a giving heart; the heart of Katrina Richardson.

“It’s her personality,” says manager Mouhamed Niang. “Every time she walks in, she always says hi to everybody and I know that she is phenomenal with my customers.”

Katrina’s fellow employees say she is a joy to work with.

She has a contagious positive outlook and a spirit as bubbly as a fresh soda pop.

“She always has the best attitude,” says marketing manager Michelle Buckles. “She makes everybody that comes in this restaurant feel like family and that really makes a difference when you are having a bad day or anything.”     

Aubree Williams with First Fidelity Bank says they are excited about this nomination.

“Well, this is a wonderful story about someone being recognized about being a great human, being a kind person and doing everything they can to bring a smile to someone’s face and so on behalf of First Fidelity Bank, I’m happy to present this $400,” said Aubree.

Maranda Stewart nominated Richardson.                                                                                                                                                             
“Hi Katrina, I’m Kent Ogle from Channel 4. We have a little program at Channel 4 called Pay it Forward for people who have gone above and beyond for their community or done something nice for somebody. You have been nominated this week,” says Kent.                                                       

“Wow, thank you!” says Katrina.

Maranda explains to Katrina why she nominated her.

“I nominated you because anytime we come through the drive-through, you are a ray of sunshine. You are so sweet, so kind, generous, always there for you, so on behalf of News 4 and First Fidelity Bank, you deserve this,” says Maranda while handing Katrina the $400 as her fellow employees applaud.

“Let me ask you, how to always keep this fantastic attitude that everybody talks about?” asked Kent.

“Isn’t that something?” said Katrina. “I wake up early praising Him, asking Him to give me strength, my Lord, I love Him so much. So that’s what gives me my strength and my joy.”

Katrina is obviously a woman of faith.

A faith that manifests in good cheer and good will toward her customers and co-workers.

“She has been a brand ambassador for us two times,” said McDonald’s Oklahoma City market supervisor Luis Perez. “A brand ambassador is someone that goes beyond on the customer service, she treats the customers as guests and sometimes even as family members. So she has been an example for all of us including myself.”

So while brightening up your day might not be on the menu, it’s special order for Katrina.

“Sweet tea?” asks Katrina serving a customer at the drive in. “Sweet tea for the sweety?”

A tasty Pay it Forward of Katrina’s kindness…to go.

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