CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) — Some people just bring a light into a sometimes-dark world.  At the Western Skies Mobile Home Park Community in Choctaw, Willie Magers is their everything man, their McGuyer maintenance man, the soul of the neighborhood.

“We inherited Willie whenever they purchased this property and he has been essential for its development” says Che Graves, manager of the community. “He helped the previous owners with the ground up build and everything since then so if we need to know where something is at he knows where it’s at.”

A resident, Michelle Seamon says “he treats everybody awesome. He’s really good to these kids right here. “He’s just a real good guy.”

“Willie is great. Everyday he has a smile on his face , something to say, always has a joke in his pocket, never just a dry dude and he always has something for you” says  Tristan Ridgeway.

The KFOR team recently surprised Willie with the Pay it 4Ward honor.

“We just want to thank Amy for nominating Willie for this week’s Pay it Forward” says Caitlin Melgar with First Fidelity Bank  “He sounds like such a kindhearted, trustworthy man that you can call family and we love celebrating that at FFB so we’d like to give him four hundred dollars.”

“Hey Willie? how are you today? I’m Kent Ogle from channel 4. We have a program at Channel 4 called Pay it Forward for people who go above and beyond, and you have been nominated by Amy this week. 

“You do everything for our park” says Amy Ridgeway who nominated Willie. “You do everything for our family especially. You are known as Poppa Willie, Uncle Willie, Dad Willie Grandpa Willie. I don’t want to cry, I just want to say you are awesome and on behalf of First Fidelity Bank and K Channel 4, I  want to give you four hundred dollars.”

Wille is a humble man. “Because they are good people,” says Wille. “I like happy people in my parks, if one person needs help in here , need groceries whatever I give them money.”

Willie has a lot of responsibilities in the neighborhood, from checking on construction to making sure properties are move-in ready. But for Willie it’s always about the people, the families, the community.

“I’ve gone in places and fixed water leaks and then turned around and walked out because they really didn’t have the money” says Willie

Other residents chime in “I came around about three years ago and he’s been like his grandpa since the day he moved in and he took me under his wing like i’ve always been here and has loved me as his own, he’s amazing he’s one of a kind for sure” says Logan Seamon.

Willie didn’t know we were coming, but somehow he wore this hoodie that sums it all up pretty good, “I may not be perfect but I am a limited edition.”

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