OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – News 4 and First Fidelity Bank are celebrating a senior citizen who spends his days helping his neighbors.

Darrell Hadley is a tireless handyman who refuses to accept any payment for the long-list of services he provides.

The Vineyard is a crop of garden homes in The Village; rooted in trust, watered by friendship, aged with kindness.

It’s a retirement community.

“Darrell is everyone’s friend,” said Vineyard resident, Beverly Reardon. “There are 82 units in in The Vineyard where we live, and there’s not a single person that has not been given gifts from Darrell.”

Vineyard Cottage, Image courtesy KFOR

Each home has a freshly painted mailbox, maintained for free by a handy octogenarian who is generous with his time and his talent.

Hadley repainted and refurbished each mailbox in his neighborhood.

“That’s the Oklahoma Standard, no doubt,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Brad Willis.

Hadley likes to stay busy: planting flowers, solving suburban mysteries and fixing things in need of repair.

“One night I could not get into my garage,” remembered Reardon. “Darrell happened by and so instead of having to call the garage people, he fixed it within minutes.”

There’s no limit to the good deeds Darrell Hadley has done for those who live nearby.

Darrell Hadley, Image courtesy KFOR

“He has the eye of an artist and the skill of a master craftsman and the heart of gold,” said The Vineyard neighbor, Vianna Foree.

Neighbors turned friends, they are a tight knit bunch, watching over each other in the best ways.

Most neighbors gather every friday for donuts in the park.

About two dozen were enjoying morning coffee at The Vineyard pavillion when News 4 and First Fidelity Bank surprised Hadley with a $400 Pay It Forward award.

“I’ve just got to stay busy because I can’t sit down,” Hadley said. “I’ve got to get up and be moving.”

Darrrell and Jane Hadley have been married 65 years.

They have three children, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Hadley’s big heart is an inspiration for generations.


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