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OKLAHOMA – Inside ‘The Stitching Post’ in Moore, Oklahoma, some talented women are working away on a labor of love.

They’re part of Project Linus, a group named after the Peanuts cartoon character who was always carrying his security blanket.

These volunteer “blanketeers” are providing their own kind of security here – sewing together blankets and quilts for children seriously ill, traumatized or otherwise in need.

Their slogan is “The best kind of sleep under heaven above is under a blanket handmade with love.”

“I’m actually an ER physician,” said Dr. Diane Means, the Coordinator of the Oklahoma City Project Linus group. “And, I had some blankets with me in the ER  room one night, and we were life-flighting a young girl to Children’s Hospital, and I took the blanket out and said ‘Hey, this is for you.’  And, she said ‘You made this just for me?’ And, I said ‘Yeah, with some friends, I did.’ The mother who was a nurse hugged me, and they we’re crying, and it was cold, and it was just a really wonderful moment.”

Sharene Anderson and Linda Crook are two that have been an important part of this Project Linus group and have been nominated for Pay it 4Ward by their friend Debbie Winstead.

“I think they need a lot of recognition. They make sure that last year 879 I think from the last count, and this year we’ve already given over 160, and it’s only March 1st.”

With the help of Tammy Brakebill from First Fidelity Bank, we surprised Sharene and Linda with the $400 award.

“We love to give to any child,” Sharene said. “We don’t care what their needs are.”

“It’s their hug from us,”  Linda said.

Lots of hugs come from their talented and dedicated fingers.

Their special way of Paying it 4Ward.