Jones fifth-grader creates bake sale to sponsor Angel Tree kids

Pay It 4ward

JONES, Okla. (KFOR) – Inside Jones Elementary, there are all kinds of candy and cookies for their Christmas parties, but there is a fifth-grade boy surrounded by all the holiday sweetness who just can’t have any of it.

He has a food allergy. So, his mom bakes special treats for him to take on special occasions like Christmas.

“I was standing in the kitchen, and he came in and he was talking about how he really enjoyed the cookies I had made a couple of weeks prior to that. He was like, ‘We need to make these cookies so we can sell them and make money for the homeless,’” Amanda Jeffries said. “He wanted to go get more angels off the Angel Tree. So we made cookies. We made chocolate covered cookie butter balls. We had about 60 of those, and he made those himself.”

And they made more.

And more.

They posted the goodies on Facebook and took orders.

This family always tries to help others, but Nate has a heart all his own.

“It was just like, ‘Where is this coming from?’” she said. “The heart that Nathan has, I think if we do instill that in him, he would do it no matter what.”

Nate is just sweet.

Maybe he knows what it is like to be a little different.

A food allergy is not always easy as a child.

Nate raised enough money to sponsor three angels for Christmas. But it is not his first try at helping others.

There was the time he tried to convince his dad to turn his trailer into a food truck.

That didn’t work out, but his bake sale did.

Nate’s grandmother bragged about his efforts at work, and a woman she works with was so impressed with Nate’s efforts that she contacted News 4 to nominate him for Pay It Forward.

“I’ve never met her,” Amanda said. “I don’t know her.”

A stranger so touched by Nate’s giving heart.

“Nate, like your parents, all of us at First Fidelity Bank are so proud of you. Angels come in all different shapes and sizes and ages,” James Boggs of First Fidelity Bank said. “So for all the great things you do for Jones, I’m so proud to help you pay it forward with four hundred dollars.”

Nate’s quite the little fundraiser.

“Thank you, ” Nate said. “…We helped people who can’t afford Christmas.”

Paying it forward one sweet treat at a time.

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