Local hospice volunteer brings hope and a surprise

Pay It 4ward

EDMOND, Okla. – 87-year-old Bob Grant is a man on a mission.

Bob volunteers for Good Shepherd Hospice and one of his stops once a week is The Timbers Skilled Nursing Center in Edmond.

After Bob’s wife Joan died in 2014, he wanted a way to honor her memory and help others.

“It’s my way of giving back to the community,” says Bob. “Because 70 percent of the people in here never get a visitor. Somebody needs to come see them and say ‘Hi I’m thinking about you.’”

Christa Cook with Good Shepherd says Bob offers the hospice patients something invaluable.

“Companionship. He sits and visits with them about whatever they want to visit about,” says Christa. “If they want to come outside, he’ll bring them outside or if they want to sit in their room. Whatever they want to do. He listens to what they have to say.”

Because of what Bob does through his volunteering, Christa nominated Bob for Pay It Forward.

James Boggs of First Fidelity Bank gave Christa the 400 dollars to pay forward to Bob and said, “Christa we were so touched Bob’s story and how he’ll do anything to bring them hope.”

When News 4 went to surprise Bob, he had a surprise for us, too!

After telling him we were with Channel 4 Bob said, “I knew your dad, Jack Ogle.  I worked with him.”

Yep, turns out Bob Grant was an early broadcast pioneer in Oklahoma City and at Channel 4 nonetheless.

“From 1957 through 1965 I was a photographer, reporter, editor, and scripter, “ Bob told us. “I did a 5-minute newscast after Match Game and was an assignment editor for a couple of years too.”

After our trip down memory lane, it was back to the business at hand.

Christa gave Bob the $400 and thanked him for what he does for the hospice patients.

Bob thanked us and said, “I’m just happy to have been able to make their days a little better on any given day…and if I can do that, it’s all worthwhile.”

‘Pay it 4Ward’ is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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