DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – “I took a bed and a wheelchair up to Elizabeth City, New Jersey.” Navy veteran Stacy Reddig talking about going the extra mile to help his fellow vets.

Stacy heads up Wheelchairs For Vets. His mission is to help to disabled veterans or anyone who needs a hand up… whether it’s a wheelchair or something else. 

“Seeing veterans.. you know a lot of them can’t afford insurance,” Stacy told us. “They look at it like, ‘well do I eat this month or do I get my medical equipment’, so you know I got a big heart for veterans.”

His friend, Susan Eads says there is almost nothing Stacy won’t do to lend a helping hand. He heard about an out-of-work veteran in Louisiana who needed help getting his son a wheelchair.  

“Stacy within 30 minutes of getting the call drove to Baton Rogue,” Susan said. “He supplied the boy with a new electric wheelchair and gave that veteran 5-thousand dollars because that veteran had been out of work for about a year and a half.  So, shortly after supplying those things, the young boy regained his ability to walk and the veteran found a job and was able to support his family.  And that’s just one example of the type of kindness and generosity that Stacy exemplifies.”   

Susan nominated Stacy for First Fidelity Bank’s Pay It 4ward award. Donna Hoffman from First Fidelity brought the $400 cash reward to us outside Madison’s Restaurant in Del City, where we were waiting to go in and surprise Stacy while he was eating breakfast with some friends.

Donna told Susan, “I just want to thank you so much for nominating Stacy.  Everything he has done is just amazing. First Fidelity is so proud to be a part of this and help you and KFOR pay it forward.” 

Then we went inside to surprise Stacy… and shocked he was. “I’m damned suprised!,” Stacy exclaimed when we showed up and Susan gave him the $400 cash, which Stacy says he will use to pay for wheelchairs.

Stacy Reddig, going to great lengths and long miles to pay it forward.

One breakfast buddy, a decorated Vietnam vet probably said it best about Stacy: 

“He’s one of a kind.  He sure is.”