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 EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Little Cooper VanCleave lives in the Rushbrook neighborhood in Edmond.

She is excited that because of her mom Renessa’s Pay it Forward nomination, her volunteer grandpa, Glenn Jones, is in for a surprise.

“We are excited about Glenn because we just love to hear stories about just the neighborhood good guy, who does things for people, who is selfless, who just gives of himself. And so when Glenn was nominated for this, we were just really happy to hear his story and glad that we can be a part of presenting him this gift of $400,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Aubree Williams.

Friends and neighbors have gathered at the neighborhood pool to be in on the fun.

“Very helpful, always willing to volunteer to help with projects around the neighborhood. Helps to keep the HOA looking nice and we really appreciate Glenn Jones,” says neighbor Dan Dalpini.

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Glenn Jones, surrounded by the love that is a reflection of his own.

At the pool, Renessa and Cooper surprise Glenn with the help of KFOR’s Kent Ogle.

“Hey Glenn! You are not here to meet the pool guy! You a here to meet Channel 4. How do you do? We have a little program called Pay it Forward and you can see all your friends came out here today! With Pay it Forward, we recognize someone for going above and beyond for their community and for their friends!  I’m going to let Renessa and Cooper tell you why they nominated you,” says Kent.

“Mr. Glenn, I know you are not one to toot your own horn so we are all here to toot it for you,” says Renessa. “I never would have imagined five years ago when we moved here we would have moved into such a wonderful, loving, supportive neighborhood and you are so great to all of us. You are a man of God first, you love all of your neighbors and when you came up to me one day and told me you would be Cooper’s grandpa because she doesn’t have one, that sealed the deal for me.” 

“Mr. Glenn, you are the real deal and we all love you! Not everybody could be here. It was very last minute. I know the whole neighborhood feels the same way. So on behalf of First Fidelity and Channel 4 News, we are about to present you $400 to Pay it Forward,” says Renessa.

Glenn responds, “Thank you, sweetheart!”

“This community is so great and I love serving the Lord and I love serving other people and this money will go to some other great source that needs it other than me. And so I appreciate Reneesa and Cooper and all the people that love me and I love them too. Thank you all very much! It’s wonderful,” he said.

For years, Glenn and his wife Kimmie have been helpful in the community, at their church, and with the neighborhood HOA even through a battle with cancer. 

Glenn’s friend Mo Ogunsanya chimes in, “He is always willing to help. I remember when we had the snowstorm last year, he was shoveling snow, driving people to the airports, putting himself at risk.” 

“I needed a drill to drill some holes to hang some curtains. He immediately answered to pick the drill up. He didn’t bring one drill, he offered me four drills. He was like some of these are cordless, some of these do this, some of these torque. So he always goes above and beyond for his neighbor,” said Melissa Drake.

 Glenn says paying it forward is just in his DNA.

“Like I tell them at church, as long as I have blood in my veins and breath in my lungs, I’m going to serve the Lord and I’m going to serve you. So thank you very much,” says Glenn. 

Several people say, “Love you, Glenn!” 

Glenn’s simple response is ”Love you too!”  

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