OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Teacher Jessica Langvardt keeps a close eye on her students at Bethany Middle School.  But recently she and her husband had an eye out for a neighbor whose yard suddenly caught fire while trying to kill moles, the fire spreading toward the house.

“We had put that bomb in the ground for the mole and the grass was all dead and so my friend went over to try to find another part of the cave for another bomb and he turned around and the whole thing was on fire” says Karen Lunn.  “So Adam comes bopping by with his two dogs , it’s so cool, perfect timing , couldn’t have been better, so we fought the fire. He fought the fire,” says Karen.

“I yelled to her friend, if he needed some help and he said he did and then I went up to the yard and my wife took off to get the fire extinguisher from the house” says Adam Langvardt, Jessica’s husband.

That doesn’t surprise Jessica’s co-workers.

“Jessica is just a phenomenal teacher and she just has a heart for people,” says Dr. Drew Eichelberger. “It makes perfect sense to me that she would run towards a fire and help people out because that is what she does. She does it with teachers and she does it with community.”

Aubree Williams with First Fidelity Bank is at the school as part of the KFOR Pay it 4Ward campaign with some extra money for the heroic couple.

“This is an amazing story that came across my desk so I’m really pleased to be here because it’s really a story of real life heroes. because not many people are going to run towards a fire and that’s what Adam and Jessica did to help you out and because they did they saved your house like you said” says Aubree. “So I am very pleased to be here to bring you four hundred dollars so you can pay it forward to them.”

Jessica and her students were surprised by the camera crew.

Once the class heard of her quick actions, they cheered loudly.

“We were just thankful that God had us in the right place at the right time” says Jessica. 

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