OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – KFOR and First Fidelity Bank are honoring a good Samaritan whose good deed was featured here on KFOR last month.

Earlier this summer, News 4 solved a mystery on the banks of a creek near 10th and Villa.

Two sisters, Nichole McCoy and Lashone Carter, accidentally drove their car into the water.

McCoy can’t swim.

“I said Jesus, and when I said it again the water started coming in,” McCoy said. “I seen my life flash, and I can’t swim none. The car began to sink and sink some more.”

As they sank, a stranger pulled over to help.

“When we said Jesus, He dispatched mercy and grace,” said McCoy. “He jumped in that water. He didn’t know if I had kids. He didn’t know nothing about me. He jumped in that water and did what he had to do.”

McCoy’s rescuer disappeared from the scene before she could thank him.

It took two days to find him, and News 4 was there when the sisters re-united with their guardian angel.

Matt McCully is a manager at Mid-America Rigging.

He was on his way to work that day when he saw the sisters’ car go under.

Mid-America is a family business.

Matt and his wife Blair McCully both work there.

“He’s a good guy,” said Blair. “I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.”

Blair wasn’t surprised at all that her husband risked his own life to save the life of two strangers.

“I was at home, and it just moved me to tears seeing him do something that selfless when he didn’t know these ladies,” said News 4 viewer, Vicki Grissom.

Grissom has been following Matt McCully’s story.

She was moved to tears when she watched KFOR’s coverage of McCully’s good deed.

“I just thought, he deserves the money because he’s a true hero,” Grissom said.

First Fidelity Bank’s Deangela Lee came to Mid-America Rigging for the surprise.

“It’s so beautiful that Vicky has nominated a complete stranger,” said Lee. “She’s been moved to tears today and she’s about to make me cry. This is such a beautiful thing, for him to lay his life on the line to go in after two strangers is very very touching.

First Fidelity Bank presented Matt McCully with $400 to Pay It 4ward.

$400 for a selfless, spur-of-the-moment rescue.

Grissom was honored to present Matt McCully with $400.

“I was just so overwhelmed when I saw what you did with those two ladies who were total strangers to you. You were willing to jeopardize your life to jump in and save them. The way the world is today, it just restored my faith in humanity that you would do something like that.”

McCully was shocked to receive the recognition.

He remembers every detail of that day.

“I was just at the stop sign, and I heard a noise. I looked up and saw a vehicle fly into the water,” said McCully. “I just had to jump in, nothing else to do.”

He says, he would do again to pay it forward and save a life.

“Hopefully they’d do the same for me.”

Matt McCully tells us, he’s not going to spend his $400.

He’s tucking it away, adding it to his kids’ college fund.