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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – “When I got home that morning after he had passed, she was here.”

Tabatha Maassen remembers what her friend Nancy Wilder-Pierce did for her one terrible day in March. Tabatha’s husband Thomas suddenly died due to complications of blood clot surgery on March 28.

Thomas was a retired Oklahoma City police officer who had a fun-loving attitude about life and had found a new career in the auto industry.

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Tabatha and Thomas

Ironically, Thomas had sold Nancy a car a while back before she and Tabatha became good friends in nurse practitioner school at Oklahoma City University.

“She is always the first to volunteer and always the first to help,” Tabatha says. “She took my phone she made calls, she sent emails, she sent texts, she sent notifications she got together with our class who donated stuff to have a family meal before Thomas’s service on Friday. She had all of that together. I never had to do anything.”

For all she did and does, Tabatha nominated Nancy for First Fidelity’s Pay It Forward Award.

Tabatha set it up so we could award Nancy over the computer. When Nancy got there, Tabatha set her in front of the computer and we sprung the surprise on her. Tears and hugs of joy. Then Tabatha told Nancy, “You took care of not only me but of my kids and my dad. You made meals for us, you cleaned up after us. You took us places. I could never ever thank you enough.”

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Nancy and Tabatha

Then I told her, “400 dollars will be coming your way with this.” Nancy with a shocked look said, “That’s so exciting!”

Nancy Wilder-Pierce, paying it forward with a ray of sunshine in the darkness of tragedy.

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