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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – “Dr. Martin Luther King talked about beloved community, but the way that we describe it here is more like beloved chaos,” says Jamie Zumwalt of Joe’s Addiction coffee shop.

Things can go from smooth to chaotic at Joe’s, where customers pay what they can afford to support their mission of helping the homeless and less fortunate.

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Joe’s Addiction

Charles Davis nominated his friend Jamie, the founder Joe’s for Pay It Forward.

“The place is pretty cool that she’s opened. The homeless can wash their clothes, take showers and eat breakfast and lunch, and she just really is a go-getter and gets out there and serves people in the community,” Charles said.

Charles also works with the homeless, but says Jamie’s dedication to her mission and love for her fellow man is off the scale.

“In that year and a half I’ve seen her, like I said, in the heat of summer, in the dead of winter, she fed people for over a year in a back yard while her new building was being completed, and it just blows my mind, the consistency, the stick to it. She’s not going to let anybody go hungry if they need it,” Charles said.

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Jamie Zumwalt at Joe’s Addiction.

This little coffee shop in Valleybrook also has a store where you can donate items needed by the homeless population. They even let people stay there for days as we got through the brutal winter storms that are so tough for those on the streets.

Jamie thought I was interviewing her about charities in the pandemic when Charles popped in to surprise her. I told her, “Charles has actually nominated you for our Pay It Forward Award. It’s an award we give to people who have gone above and beyond for their community, and he was telling me about all the great things you guys are doing there and all the amazing things you have done on your own there, and he wanted to nominate you. Tell her why you have nominated her Charles.”

“For all the things you do being outside during COVID feeding people, during the snowstorm letting people stay the night” says Charles. “Just going above and beyond for your community. It’s impressive and I just wanted to let you know that’s you’re appreciated.”

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Jamie Zumwalt

“That is so nice, thanks, Chaz” says Jamie. To which Charles replies, “On behalf of News 4 and First Fidelity Bank, you are going to receive $400.” Jamie says, “that is wonderful! That will help us pay the bills here.

Donna Hoffman with First Fidelity Bank says, “We just want to congratulate you for what you are doing for the community and Valleybrook. The service you provide for them is immensely invaluable and we just wanted to thank you once again and we are happy to partner with KFOR and Pay it Forward.”

And pay it forward they do in so many ways, using their coffee shop funds to help feed the homeless, teaming up with Healing Hands Clinic to provide COVID testing and vaccinations, and making it easy to give to their store through their website,

It’s an all-consuming endeavor and Jamie wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Jamie Zumwalt helping folks in need.

I asked her, “What made you want to do this? This is a whole lot of work.” Jamie says, “Well, I really love it. I didn’t know that when we started. We just opened up a little coffee shop in their neighborhood where there is a lot of need and we just started getting to know people and getting to know the neighborhood, and I found that I really love it.”

A Pay it Forward award brewed with love and dedication.

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