YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Feeling good about yourself is important on that first day of school. That’s where a hair stylist named Chelcie Robb comes in.

She spent a whole day giving free haircuts to students and teachers in Yukon.

“She is so deserving,” says Carol Phillips. “It was an incredible day, that she spent the whole day. She would not even take my tip I tried to give her for doing such an amazing thing, so I just think this is awesome to help her out with that loss of income.”

That’s why Phillips nominated Chelcie Robb for KFOR’s Pay It 4Ward award.

On this day, KFOR made its way to Karma Hair Lounge.

“Chelcie, the day that you took off and spent the whole day cutting people’s hair, students and teachers, just touched me cause it’s so hard for me to afford something like that so soon after the pandemic. People are trying to catch up on their finances and you lost a whole day’s worth of finance. That was incredible! That was huge and it meant so much to me and I’m sure it meant so much to everybody,” Phillips said.

The $400 took Chelcie completely by surprise.

“I have two little girls. They get to go to school every year with a fresh haircut. They get to go to school looking good and I want to give that feeling that my girls have every year to everybody. I know teachers don’t make a lot of money and that they get paid once a month, so getting their hair done is hard and so it means something to me to be able to tell them, ‘No, today’s your day. Come get pampered, come get loved on and know that I love you and respect you and thank you for doing what you do for my kids and for all the kids,'” she said.

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