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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – KFOR is celebrating an Oklahoma hair stylist who cares for the homeless.

Jill Macon’s ministry began with free haircuts and has grown into life-changing support for people experiencing homelessness.

Macon calls these clients “guests of the street” because she believes their homelessness is temporary.

For them, her service is a gift.

“She’s a beautiful person,” said April Davis, the owner of Precision Grooming in Norman. “I love everything she does.”

Macon organizes a team of stylists each month to give free haircuts to homeless Oklahomans.

“I think she’s a true missionary,” said Pay It Forward nominator, Carole Steele. “She gathers her people together that she knows and her contacts and they get together and they give free haircuts to homeless people.”

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Jill Macon

And for Jill, these haircuts were just the beginning.

“On behalf of First Fidelity Bank, we absolutely wanted to reward (Jill) for the service and the care she provides for this community,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Adam Kelley. “It really embodies the Pay It Forward program. Because of that, we’re proud to present Jill with $400 for what she’s been doing for the community.”

Macon is a stylist at Precision Grooming on Campus Corner in Norman. It is the paying profession which funds her non-profit organization Macon It Happen.

“I’ve been watching you over the years,” Steele said to Jill Macon. “You are one of the finest because of the wonderful work and the things you do. I wanted to Pay It Forward to one of the best, one of the most humble, one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. You are truly a warrior for your cause.”

Macon’s work on the streets has grown into a full-fledged ministry serving homeless Oklahomans, connecting those in need with life-saving services, drug treatment, rehabilitation and more.

“I call them my street kids,” Macon said. “They’re my kids. I didn’t birth them, but they’re still my kids.”

Jared Mohawk first met Jill Macon last year when he was living in a tent.

“Me and my girlfriend were both homeless, and [Jill] came up to the shelter and started doing haircuts,” Mohawk said. “It just clicked, and she became an adoptive mom to me and my girlfriend.”

Macon helped Mohawk rent a hotel room and his first apartment. Today he has a job.

“Without her, I’d probably still be out there living in a tent somewhere,” said Mohawk.

Macon plans to use the $400 from First Fidelity Bank for her guests of the street.

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