“He will be turning 90 years old, and he’s still doing a lot of work during this time,” Gemma Mangaliman said.

“This time” is tax season. Oran Heath will be celebrating his 90th birthday, but on this day News 4 met Gemma at the South Lindsay Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for a pre-celebration. Inside Oran is doing what he has been doing for decades -preparing taxes free of charge for anyone who needs it.

“He volunteers here as a tax preparer, and he served in the military for 32 years,” Gemma said.

Oran’s service goes way back, and that is why Gemma nominated Oran for Pay It Forward.

“I know him from volunteering here,” she said. “He’s a good person.”

Pay It Forward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank and provides the $400 recipients receive.

“Gemma, I want to thank you for acknowledging Mr. Heath and all that he does. It sounds like he does a lot of different selfless acts for the community, and I want to help you pay if forward to Mr. Heath,” Marissa Mindieta of First Fidelity Bank said. “With that being said I want to give you four hundred dollars.”

“You know where that’s going to go? Over to Carolyn. She’s our church secretary,” Oran said.  “Thank you very much, Gemma.”

Oran has been volunteering his time preparing taxes for decades.

“Well, you stay busy then you don’t have time to sit around in front of the tv off all time,” he said.

But there is much more to his donation of time and services.

“It’s the group of people around me. They support me. They depend on me. So I try to live up to that.”

Oran spent 32 years serving our country in the Army as a military police officer and a Master Sargent, and after he retired from the military, he kept serving.

“I’ve done whiz kids, [volunteered] with the wildlife commission to fishing clinics for the kids,” he said.

And Mobile Meals.

In his own words, he has no time for TV, but there is an exception.

“I also watch you guys every Wednesday night.”

“You do?”


“So you know exactly what we’re doing.”

“When I saw you, I kind of suspected it.”

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