GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) — “She comes in without fail,” Mary Coffin said. “She’s here before nine o’clock.”

Every Wednesday Zelda Smith is here. Her special job is making sure the bread is stocked up for the hundreds of families who come through these doors.

“We’ll have about 17 cases of bread, and she’ll stock them up on the shelves, and she has a certain way she that does it,” Coffin said. “Then when she gets that finished it’s about 10 o’clock. It takes her about an hour.”

Zelda is 93 years young.

“She works here all day, and we pretty much have to make her take a break,” Coffin said.

God’s Food Bank started serving Logan County about 22 years ago. Three years ago, Zelda showed up to volunteer, and she has been here ever since. Every week, nearly 200 people line up for free groceries.

“That’s a big need.”

“It’s huge. In fact, we’ve had three new people sign up today already,” Coffin said. “The economy we live in people are really struggling to have food. I had one guy come in over a month ago, and he said, ‘I haven’t eaten in two weeks.'”

Coffin is also one of the volunteers at the food bank, and she nominated Zelda for Pay It 4Ward.

“Sorry to interrupt your lunch, Zelda,” Coffin said.

“Oh, no. Oh, Mary.”

“This is for you, Zelda, for helping us here at the food bank.”

But Zelda get just as much in return.

“I had lost my husband about five years ago, and I wasn’t handling it too good. So when I’m home, he’s all that’s on my mind so I look forward to coming down here. When we started out, we worked on Wednesday and Thursday four hours instead of doing it all in one day, and when I leave here I look forward to the next time I come back. The crew helps lift me up,” Zelda said. “I don’t know what to say. You made me speechless.”

“We love you,” Coffin said.

“I love you, too,” Zelda said.

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